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Banquet Table Rectangular


Rectangular Banquet Table: 180×90 cm



Banquet Table Rectangular

Banquet table (rectangular) is commonly used for seating guests in tighter environments, such as small banquet halls, backyards, inside homes, etc. They allow for several people to sit around the table, which ultimately takes up less space. The nice thing about rectangular banquet tables is that you can place end to end, creating a much longer table. Great for events or even as a temporary buffet table. Whether used for dining, serving or training table purposes, our banquet tables are sure to exceed your expectations.

With a durable, commercial construction, each folding table will last through years of use, providing a reliable option for all event purposes. Available in multiple dimensions, choose rectangular, square or round folding banquet tables to best suit your arrangement.

Pinch Me Rentals offers an array of folding tables and banquet tables to meet most needs. To rent high quality chairs, tables, plates, table napkins holders and covers for your events please contact Pinch Me Rentals, based in Dubai and we will be happy to assist.


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